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Stockholm is a fascinating blend of natural beauty, historic buildings and modern economy located on different islands in northern Europe. Thisisa destination that surlyyouwant to add on your resume of travelers.Stockholm is located on 14 islands of Lake Mälaren, along the south-eastern coast of Sweden. Its rich history, almost millennia (its foundation dates back to 1250) can be observed in palaces, museums and art galleries. Public parks reveal its natural beauty instead.

Stockholm is truly unique in any season you go but during the summer you can enjoy more outdoor areas and museums. You should know that July is the time when the Swedes go on holiday. Many restaurants and coffee shops are closed, and Sweden’s capital becomes a city at least 30% quieter. You can enjoy walks in the park, picnics or bicycle rides.

Below is a list, which could be useful for those who are preparing to spend a few days of vacation in Stockholm.

1) Climate: In summer the climate is milder and temperatures of 15-20 degrees above zero are reached and this will allow you to go to many museums, parks, open spaces, festivals and events and especially the boats.

2) Hop-On Hop-Off boats are always available from May to September from 10 am to 5 pm with departure every 30 minutes. During the winter the canals are frozen.

3) The oldest open air museum in the world, the wonderful Skansen in summer is open longer and is a unique emotion, photographing the animals and take advantage of the outdoor areas for eating and having fun, recommended for both adults and children. Also in the summer at the Skansenis celebrated the Summer Solstice, one of the oldest traditions of the museum-park with the raising of the midsummer tree the Majstangen.

4) The Tivoli Grona Lund, the famous Stockholm playground on the island of Djurgarten, is open from April to September with attractions, games and numerous concerts, shows, and lots of fun.

5) Often in the city’s main squares, outdoor events, concerts and free festivals are held to promote culture, design, music or simply to be outdoors and enjoy the city. There are over 500 events not to be missed.

6) The city even in the evening is more alive, there are more people who leave the house even after 10 and the premises have outdoor tables where you can sip drinks or enjoy a sandwich.

7) The changing of the guard, often in winter from November to March, takes place only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12:00 and on Sundays from 1:00 pm often with reduced training. In the summer it will be easier to find the whole training and more appointments during the week. The climate is more favorable.

8) In winter there is less light, only about 5 hours of light, while in summer, especially during the Midsummer the sun goes away at 10 pm and then one of the longest days of the season is celebrated with a party from do not lose.

What do you think it’s worth going there in the summer?

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